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$14,850 Donated Locally To Date

100+ People Who Care is comprised of people who leverage their individual philanthropic spirit to help support and raise money for charities in Morgantown, WV.

Our Mission

Through the power of numbers, we combine our donations to make an immediate, BIG impact on our local community while having some fun! In doing so, we will create a culture of giving and support. We will have a bigger impact if we stick together.

Once every quarter, individuals arrive to the event and write a check for $100. Upon admission, individuals grab a beer, some food, and chat with others. We then nominate local charities to donate all of our contributions to. Finally, we vote to choose a recipient and honor their award the following week.

100+ People Who Care is so much more than just one event. Our community needs us to come together quarterly to help contribute to great causes. That is why we are looking for people who we can count on to come back every quarter. Plus, nothing beats hanging out with good people.

How it Works

Each member must commit to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year). The donations will be given to a charity/non-profit/worthy cause serving the Morgantown, WV area. No national charities will be considered. The purpose for the contribution is to stay 100% in the community.

Meetings will be 90 minutes: 45 minutes social/45 minutes business. Any member wanting to present can submit their name and charity for the drawing. Three names will then be drawn and the members that are chosen will be given 2-4 minutes to make a presentation for their charity, followed by 2-4 minutes of Q&A. 

After all the presentations have been made, each member will receive a ballot. The ballots are collected and tabulated with the “winner” receiving all the money donated that evening. Majority rules. Although the winner may not be your first choice, you will still be obligated to pay. Attendees write a check that night payable to this organization; checks are collected and presented to the member representing the charity.

Upcoming Events



100+ Summer Meeting

Mon General - Conference Center

or via Zoom

Date of Meeting TBD

100+ People Morgantown Cumulative Impact


Total donations


Number of charities we've helped since our founding in July 2019


April 2021

PACE Enterprises was our selected charity from the April 2021 meeting of 100+ People. $2650 in donations will go directly to the organization and will help with expanded support and services.  Make sure to join us for our next meeting to continue the community efforts.

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